What’s in a name: La Maga D’Barrio


I’ve been meaning to start this blog for a while now but the main thing holding me back was, believe it or not, the name.

I knew I really wanted to pay homage to my papa to whom I owe so much of my “caracter”-the good, the bad and the totally fkd up (more on that to come later)! Growing up in el D.F. he was nicknamed “Barrios” after his mother’s maiden name and for generally being a pata-de-perro. Could’ve been a lot more gacho of a nickname if you ask any real Mexican. Aside from the obvious reference to my Xican@ neighborhood of East LA where I derive much of the experience for my writing, I also found out in my research that the surname Barrio, comes from the moorish root word “Barr” meaning village. Per Urbandictionary.com: “Apparently these areas were invaded by the moors which would have created an interracial mix of African and Spanish lineage with mixings of Christianity and Muslim faiths.” Like a lot of Xican@s, much of my ancestry is a fkn black hole that I have to rediscover and reclaim in the strangest places. I hope to shed some light on through my blog.

The other half of the name is, duh, La Maga, which is again a nod to my chunti/barrio (and proud of it!) background. It’s also my adopted cycling name given to me by my hermanas in the Ovarian Psycos at my rebirth a year and a half ago. As muxeres en resistencia, more than once we’ve acknowledged how our actions could have gotten us burned at the stake like actual brujas in other times e.g. Tituba (one of my sheroes… I might be able to dig up a paper I once wrote on her for the blog too actually).

Anyway, nomenclature was never my strong suit in Chemistry and it still isn’t so the name might change or it might stay.Other honorable mentions by homegirls/homies include:

La Xolatl

Per Maryann A.:



Masgay.com -__________-

Per Xela, the queen of dope fkn names:

La Maga: Marxista Cyclista

La Maga Roja,

La Maga, La Red, y La Rabia,

Red Star, Brown Fist, In Uterus

Stay tuned for my first piece, Hipsters: A Red Xicana Analysis which I’m hoping to have done in time to submit to Simplemente Sinceras zine in January… if finals ever end.

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