Day #4 on the Fuck the Sugar Industrial Complex Diet

Fuck the Sugar Industrial Complex

I hopped on my scale today after 3 days on my new “diet” and found I’ve dropped a legit 5 lbs. True story. It’s actually not as shocking as it sounds. By cutting out processed sugar, I’ve pretty much cut about 75% of my usual dietary preferences–think cookies, cakes, chocolate, etc.

The best part? I’m not on a fucking diet but a resistance movement. Because as much as I love sweets, I’m also enslaved to them.

Real talk, being anti-diets in and of itself isn’t a resistance. Being able to eat “lo que me de la gana” (this usually being hamburgers, oreo cookies, etc) and buying into the Sugar Industry is unhealthy for humans and the environment!
To be clear, I’ve always had a hardcore feminist aversion to dietary restrictions. Probably cause of all the memories growing up with my mom and tias CONSTANTLY talking about their latest fad diet promoted by Maribel Guardia/Thalia/x telenovela star–and I mean weeird and unhealthy. And what’s worse is at the end they would be starving themselves, put the weight back on immediately after and the only thing that really got thinnner was their wallet!

But what I’m realizing more and more is that part of having the privilege of a sugar-filled diet also comes the responsibility to boycott it. Boycott the Standard American Diet (SAD).

Who’s with me?

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