Pop Up Copwatch Boyle Heights

FTP Copwatch Boyle Heights

Introducing, “Pop Up Copwatch Boyle Height” outside of Corazon del Pueblo, corner of First and Boyle.

This motorcycle cop (name and badge number unkonwn) kicks it on 1st Street, riding up and down, stopping folks driving to run errands, attend the farmer’s market etc.

On this occasion he stopped them because the 16 yr. old girl in the passenger seat was playing with her seatbelt. But then threatened to impound the car because the mom didn’t have a license.

Luckily, there were some people at Corazon Del Pueblo with licenses who drove her and her 3 kids back home. Both the daughter and the mom were cited and have to appear in court. But at least they got to keep their belongings thanks to community. (:

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