All I Want for Xmas is … A Slingshot!

The cover of the 2014 Slingshot has a womyn riding a train. Reminiscent of Trotsky's commander days. har har. Finna piss off some (A)narchists with that reference ;)
The cover of the 2014 Slingshot has a womyn riding a train. Reminiscent of Trotsky’s commander days. har har. Finna piss off some (A)narchists with that reference 😉


Ok so December 25th was actually two days ago. However, given that it is largely a corporate Amerikkkan holiday celebrating the intrusion of one’s home by a large strange white man driving a sled pulled by flying reindeer, I feel I can also take certain liberties with my Xmas wish list! In any event, the following info may be helpful if a. you’re thinking about getting me something (: b. you’re anything like me and gave out I.O.U.s to loved ones this holiday season or c. you simply don’t need the holiday season as an excuse to give so you’re maybe always looking for gift ideas or you’re in a giving mood right now.

If any of the above things apply to you, the following information may be helpful. What do you give a rad compa? Here’s by far my single most important radical must-have “this holiday season.”

A (large) 2014 Slingshot Organizer!


Who? These puppies are made by the super rad Berkeley-based Slingshot Collective, who’ve been publishing an (A)narchist paper and these handy little planners since 1988.

What? The dish, according to Slingshot distributors, For those who haven’t seen a large Slingshot, it’s a spiral-bound calendar and day planner. It includes space to write your phone numbers, a contact list of radical leftist groups around the globe, a menstrual calendar, info on police repression, and extra note pages to record all your important revolutionary ideas. It also lists popular activist and alternative cultural holidays. The highlight is how to say key phrases in multiple languages; phrases such as “freedom and mutual aid” and “where is the library?” If this wasn’t enough, it also serves as a fund-raiser for the Berkeley radical newspaper, SLINGSHOT.

When? The 2013 planner is about to run out of days and it’d be neat to get the 2014 before the new year. They really do make life so much easier!

Where? They’re available for purchase online at distributors like Pioneer Press (though they were unfortunately out of stock last I checked!), but you can also support your local anarchist infoshop or rad space. Boyle Heights’ own Espacio 1839 on 1st Street has ’em.



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