In Loving Memory of Chris Chitty


The academy, the rev, the world lost an impressive being yesterday. RIP Chris Chitty…
Christopher Chitty lived in Santa Cruz and studied the history of homosexuality, war, and capitalism at UC Santa Cruz. He has written for The New Inquiry, and archives images at

To Finish Reading: Towards a Socialist Art of Government: Michel Foucault’s ‘The Mesh of Power’” –

occupy california

Writer, theorist, and comrade Chris Chitty passed away today in his home in Santa Cruz. He was a valued friend and he will be missed. We here at occupyCA remember him for his tireless efforts during the university occupations of 2009, and the myriad projects, demonstrations, discussions, and struggles he brought his strength and beauty to during our time together. We love you Chris, and we will always be your friend.

from Evan Calder Williams:

In love and memory of you, Chris, who were a friend and a comrade, you who literally taught me the meaning of that word. How it came from the Spanish camarada, the French camarade. From roommate, yes, but also how this was literal, from the real sharing of a space together, bound to the bonds formed by men who didn’t have security or wealth or private homes and so bedded down…

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