Gifts for The Anti-Cap Feminist in Your Life

I’m not condoning any holiday or any kind of consumerism, but I do love giving gifts and it seems this season people are out hustling for theirs. I am for supporting local and political artists and crafters. And also I just enjoy gift-giving as a way to let someone in your life know they matter to you, whether it costs money or not, whether it is pre-packaged or DIY..

  1. Femme check–For he misandrist Femme in your life, a compact mirror from MisandristFemme’s store on Etsy. This one is particularly cool for misandrist femmes who love Harry Potter.

Feminist Misandry Managed Hand Painted Compact Mirror

2. Viva La Mujer que escribe–For the writer and art-lover, this notebook with the fabulous Mujer power print from Melanie Cervantes featured on Just Seeds.

3. Cafecito Revolucionario–For the coffee drinker, a cup of café grown in autonomous EZLN communities in Chiapas, MX.


4. Ms. 45 Roleplay Soap–For the militant who also needs some self-care, a bar of soap that is shaped like a 9mm. Ideal for Ms. 45 roleplay. Looks like it’s only available in black.

GUN SOAP - Soap Gun 'The Black Stallion' Full Sized Soap Handgun w/ REAL Gun Case!

5. Nalgona Positive Gear– Several rad prints to chose from for the fat-positive feminist in your life. Proceeds go towards programming for brown femme folks fighting eating disorders. And who does’t love slogan like riot not diet?

6. Seed Bombs– Either hand-made or pre-bought, these are ideal for the companera with a green thumb. Ready to plant seeds can become, flowers, herbs, and more.. If you plan the seeds today…

Mini herb garden seed bomb kit (READY TO SHIP)- Includes- 2 basil, 2 oregano, 2 parsley, 2 chives, 2 dill, and 2 cilantro- 12 seed bombs

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